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CuriosiFVG 2022
Who they are, where they are from

17 - 28 June 2022
International Experience in Friuli Venezia Giulia / Italy

The Regional Institute of European Studies of Friuli Venezia Giulia (IRSE) organizes a peculiar international experience in Friuli Venezia Giulia, called CuriosiFVG 2022.
The participants are a group of 15 young people aged between 20 and 32, selected from 7 different European countries. All of them well represent the #nextgenerationEU.

From the 17th to the 28th of June 2022, they will be involved in an exciting program packed with guided tours throughout the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, to discover cities and villages of artistic and historical interest, local food, wine and traditions, but also nature and wildlife, cultural events, festivals and concerts. And all of this always with an eye toward sustainable, slow (therefore unforgettable) tourism experiences.

The participants will moreover play the role of digital creators and storytellers of their FVG International Experience through their social media and blogs, as a way to promote the beauties of Friuli Venezia Giulia in their own Countries, using the hashtag #curiosifvg2022.

CuriosiFVG 2022 is a unique experience, not only for tourism promotion, but also for its great intercultural value: 15 people between 20 and 35 years old, coming from Czec Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia, all together to experience Friuli Venezia Giulia from their different points of view and backgrounds, sharing daily opinions, impressions and emotions.

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Anastasiia Bondar / 22 / Prague, Bohemia / Sustainable energy development researcher / Student in Security and Strategic Studies and International Relations, Masaryk University in Brno / Erasmus+ at The Hague University: social sciences, journalism and information, 2021/2022 / Sustainability Leader: training in United States, 2021 / Languages: Czech / English / German / French / Dutch / Chinese.


Laurine Dura / 21 / La Rochelle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Food and travel journalist, currently working as author for a travel guide / Professional licence in culinary arts / Degree in Communication Sciences, University of Montreal, Canada, 2020 / Hobbies: travel and food / Languages: French / English / Spanish / Italian.

Yolaine Mehinto / 21 / Paris - Ile de France / Student in Architecture and Urbanism at École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris / Internships in Architecture and Design / interested in ecological issues in the construction field / Hobbies: music and painting. French / English / Spanish.

Salomé Rocher / 21 / Paris-Ile de France / Student at École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris / Degree in Psychology, Université Paris 2020/2022 / Ateliers de Sèvres, Paris 2019/2020 / Hobbies: piano, climbing, horse riding, painting / Languages: French / English / Spanish.


Anika Lechner / 28 / Nürnberg, Bavaria / Digital marketing Master of Arts International Cultural and Business Studies in Passau Germany. Student in Cultural Area Italy, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) / Hobbies: playing guitar, dancing / Languages: German / English / Spanish / French / Russian / Italian.


Ilaria Bionda / 25 / Val d’Ossola, Piemonte / Master's degree in Linguistic Mediation, Tourism and Cultures, University of Trento / Post-degree internship at the Youth policies office, Municipality of Trento. Editorial assistant UnderTrenta online magazine / Hobbies: photography, travel / Italian / English / German / French / Russian.

Isabella Danieli / 22 / Treviso, Veneto / Student in International Trade and Tourism, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice / Member of the student organization Marketer's Club, actively supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations / Hobbies: rugby and athletics. Languages: Italian / English / German.

Maria Ludovica Pizzuti / 25 / Roma, Lazio / Master's Degree in History and Oriental Studies, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna / Exchange year University of Illinois 2019/2020, Erasmus+ University of York 2018 / Bachelor of Arts in History and International Cooperation University Roma Tre 2018 / Civil Servant as Intercultural educator / Languages: Italian / English.


Lisa Berkouwer / 23 / The Hague, Zuid-Holland / Student in Communication and Multimediadesign, The Hague University of Applied Sciences / Work experience as graphic designer 2020/2021, Media Committee member in Pelagros, Blogger, Video editing / Languages: Dutch / English.

Serra Verhey / 25 / The Hague, Zuid-Holland / Communication Advisor Degree, The Hague University of Applied Sciences / Work experiences as Graphic Designer and Social media Manager / Languages: Dutch / English.

Aurelie Estublier / 20 / Voorburg, Zuid-Holloand / Student in Technology management and Policy TU-University of Tecnology of Delft / Hobbies: piano, canoeing / Languages: Dutch / French / English.


Carolina Custodio / 32 / Lisboa / Degree in Design, Instituto de Artes Visuais e Marketing, Lisboa / Erasmus+ Escuela de Arte Diez, Madrid / Work experiences in Fractal Mind Communications, Lisbon. Project manager European projects LDV. CPR -Portuguese Council for Refugees / Languages: Spanish / English / Italian.


Anamarija Čuden / 23 / Polhov Gradec, Upper Carniola / Student of Interior Design and Management, Faculty of Design in Ljubljana / Work experiences in: Furniture Renovator; Graphic Designer, TEDxUniversityofLjubljana / Hobbies: choir singer, hiking, Jazz music, Escape Room Manager and Lead Game-master / Languages: Slovenian / English.

Monika Plemelj / 24 / Kranjska Gora, Upper Carniola / Student of Interior Design and Management, Faculty of Design in Ljubljana / Work experiences as Interior Designer, Ski Instructor, TEDxUniversityofLjubljana. Hobbies: hiking, Skiing, climbing, digital Art / Languages: Slovenian / English.

Neža Cugmas / 21 / Slovenske Konjice / Student of Interior Design and Management, Faculty of Design in Ljubljana / Languages: Slovenian / English.




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