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Nationalisms Borders Integration

giovedì 7 aprile 2022
Auditorium Casa dello Studente Zanussi
3.00 - 6.00 pm

Interactive and transdisciplinary lecture held in English by the international debate trainer, philosopher and sociologist Miha Andrič, in conversation with the English teacher Maddalena Lot, to discuss modern nationalisms, borders and future challenges, from the philosophical, economic and cultural perspective. Addressed to teachers and students, but also to general audiences. With PRACTICAL DEBATE SESSION addressed to groups of 5/6 secondary school students with the general coordination of Miha Andrič.

Nationalisms Borders Integration
with Miha Andrič, debate trainer, philosopher and sociologist
in conversation with Maddalena Lot, English teacher


3.00>4.15 pm:
introductory lecture held by the philosopher and debate trainer Miha Andrič, in conversation with Maddalena Lot.

4.15>4.30 pm:
coffee break.

4.30>6.00 pm:
practical debate session for groups of 5/6 secondary school students.

Miha Andrič is an international Debate and Communication Trainer and philosopher from Slovenia. Currently he is a director of the Educational Center Argument and board member at International Public Policy Forum NYC and International Debate Education Association (IDEA). In the past the was the Head of Slovenian national debate organisation and President of Society for Humanities. As a quest lecturer he trains students, teachers and judges at debate programs and academies all around the world, from USA and Canada to Russia, Israel, UK and many other European countries such as Finland, Italy and Germany. He is also Head of Bežigrad School speech and debate program and Program director of several international debate academies (ESU Turkey, YAV Tunisia…). Recently translated in italian his book Dritti al punto: come vincere un dibattito usando argomenti (Pearsons, 2020). Andrič is a philosopher and sociologist, and devoted critic of contemporary ideologies. Beside his debate work he is heavily involved in many other educational projects such as International Philosophy Olympiad. He also held extra curricular seminars on critical political philosophy at University of Ljubljana.



N.B.: students who want to join the debate session have to fill in the form with their school name, teacher name, and names of the other members of their debate group (each participant has to fill in his/her own form, teachers included).


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