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Europe and Youth 2011

Outlines for a Competition

The Regional Institute for European Studies of Friuli Venezia Giulia (IRSE) announces the competition "Europe and Youth 2011". The competition is open to students in Universities and Schools of all levels.

choose one of the proposed themes


N.B. The titles proposed for university students and recent graduates will not exceed a total of 20,000 spaces. Extra credit can be assigned if the work is accompanied by a synthesis in English of no more than 1500 spaces, presented in video by the participant, using a cell phone or webcam.
AGE LIMIT: participants must not be more than twenty-six years old on the deadline, 9 April 2011.

TWO SPECIAL PRIZES OF €600,00 from the Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Udine e Pordenone for papers on:


1. Greenwashing. To create a positive image, some companies resort to “greenwashing”, the practise of making unsubstantiated claims of favourable environmental qualities or behaviour. What rules and regulations are emerging at the European level to expose this discreditable conduct? How to teach discernment?
2. From Cavour to Dahrendorf. “Squaring the circle between economic well-being, social cohesion and political freedom”: United Europe’s current challenge, well-described in the book by the sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf (2006), was also clearly present in Cavour’s strategies in the mid-1800s, before the unification of Italy. Gather evidence about the earliest important realities in education, transport, industry and politics, and compare them with those of today.


TWO SPECIAL PRIZES OF €600,00 from the Banca Popolare FriulAdria-Crédit Agricole for papers on:

1. Multimedia and Museums. In major European cities, the choice is being made to use the most innovative multimedia instruments to develop and promote museums. Explore at least three examples of excellence, Italian and European.
2. What culture? At a time when Festivals and Grand Events abound, funds decrease for schools, research, training, conservation of our national cultural patrimony. Is this a form of Italian schizophrenia? Gather evidence and compare your findings with what happens in other European countries.


TWO SPECIAL PRIZES OF €600,00 from the Banca di Credito Cooperativo Pordenonese for papers on:

1. New way of living. In some northern European countries, and even in Italy, a new form of community life is being experimented; “cohousing”, a residential model with shared spaces and service areas, to encourage communal life while respecting privacy. Analyse some good Italian and European examples.
2. States and Markets. In Italy the “Marchionne model” has erupted onto the economic, social and political scene, giving rise to debate. Compare the solutions adopted by at least three European countries in the field of collective contracts and production incentives and intervention in the economy by government.

SPECIAL PRIZE of €500,00 from the Province of Pordenone for papers on:

SOS Earth. New entrepreneurial scenes for young people are being created from new alliances between economy, rural landscape, environmental and social sustainability and biotechnical research. Gather evidence on European trends, and opportunities in your territory.

SPECIAL PRIZE of €500,00 from the City of Pordenone for papers on:

Travelling, memory, identity. In March 2011, Cees Nooteboom, the tireless Dutch traveller, author, poet and essayist, will be the protagonist of the Dedica Festival in Pordenone. From his works, find ideas that stimulate your reflections on travelling, memory and cultural identity.

high school

N.B. These themes may be developed individually or in pairs. Extra credit can be assigned if a synthesis in English, 500 spaces, accompanies the work.

PRIZES of €300,00, €200,00, enrolment in formative seminars studying European themes in the summer of 2011, books, CDs, DVDs, audio-visual material for foreign language learning.

1. My home is. Using the novel “La mia casa è dove sono”, di Igiaba Scego, interview teenage immigrants on how they feel their Italian and European citizenship.
2. EYV 2011 Alliance. Discover the principles underlying the European Year of Volunteering 2011, and write a newspaper article (max. 4000 spaces) describing a significant experience in your territory.
3. Mind your clothes. Recent market research in Europe has shown that young people, if the price is similar, tend to buy articles that declare their environmental impact. Investigate the habits of your European peers and compare them with Italian teenage consumer behaviour.

junior high school and elementary school

N.B. The works can be developed individually, by small groups, or by a class.

PRIZES of €300,00, €200,00, books, CDs and audio-visual material for foreign language learning.

1. MenorifiutiRap. Invent a rap that alternates phrases and rhymes between Italian and the European language you are studying, to promote separate garbage collection and the discerning choice of products which produce the least amount of refuse.
2. Ten rules. Invent a list of ten rules to exchange suggestions on how to behave with “My friend Internet”: how to watch a video, play, chat online, look up information. Add a few opinions of your teachers and your parents, and complete your list with a glossary of key words in English.


Works can be written in Italian or another language, in which case a synthesis in Italian is required.
Each participant or group of participants can submit a single work only. The work submitted (two copies for written works) must reach the IRSE offices (Via Concordia, 7 - 33170 Pordenone - Italy) before the deadline of 9 April 2011. They will be accompanied by a typewritten form, giving the following information about the contestant: name, surname, telephone number, address (street, city, postal code and email address), date and place of birth, specification of school class or university course of study, name and complete address of School or University, name of teacher or teachers who assisted.
Obligatory: each work must be accompanied by a bibliography of works consulted and/or by a list of web sites consulted. All participating works become the property of IRSE, and will be divulged through its publications and various projects.

The award ceremony will take place in Pordenone on Sunday 22 May 2011.
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